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Monthly Archives: November 2015
  • Digital Warriors: BlueTech Lenses
    Most of us feel like we couldn’t survive without our smartphones, but let’s not forget that there was a time when we did!  The first iPhone was only released back Read more
  • How Do Our Eyes Rate Against The Rest of The Animal Kingdom?
    We humans have a lot to brag about among our relatives in the animal kingdom. Our biggest advantages stem from our highly advanced brains, allowing us to communicate and create tools. But Read more
  • Women And Vision Loss: What You Need To Know
    Everyone sees the world’s beauty from a different perspective. Unfortunately, women stand a far greater risk of developing eye conditions which may prevent them from seeing this beauty at all.How Read more
  • Understanding Astigmatism
    Astigmatism may be one of the most commonly misunderstood eye conditions. Many believe it’s caused by improper lighting, that it can lead to more serious eye problems, or—something we’ve all Read more

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